Topic:Photothermoplastic Recording Media Based On Polymer Semiconductor Systems And Their Applications

Speakers: Dr. Igor Chapurin, and Prof. Dr. Vasile Rotaru

Date & Time: Friday, October 27, 2000 2:00 P.M.

Place: Room 140 VMC


Some results of research programs, which were carried out in the State University of Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova Republic, will be presented.

The State University of Moldova's researchers have developed high-resolution (not less than 2,000 and higher line pairs/mm) relief-phase photothermoplastic media, PTPM, using all-dry processes for such applications as holography, interferometry, imaging, and optical data storage. Such PTPM is a stack of different materials including a thick elastic film or glass substrate, a semitransparent electrode layer, a photosensitive layer made of vitreous chalcogenide semiconductors As-Se-S, and a 0.2-5.0µm thermoplastic layer made of methacrylic copolymers. During the recording process, the PTPM is pre-heated to the flow point temperature of the thermoplastic material, the light distribution changes the charge density on the surface and as a result, and deformation on the PTPM occurs. The surface relief can be as deep as 0.1-1.5µm. The sensitivity of the PTPM as a function of wavelength can be engineered to suit different wavelengths from UV to near IR region.

Some prospective applications of the PTPM in holography, imaging, non-destructive testing and remote sensing systems will be discussed. We’ll present some characteristics of the PTPM-operating devices.

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