Topic: Chemically Synthesized FePt Nanoparticles for Ultra-high Density Magnetic Information Storage

Speaker: Dr. J.W. Harrell, Center for Materials for Information Technology and Dept. of Physics & AstronomyThe University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

Date & Time: Thursday, April 20, 2006, 1:00 PM

Place: Room 140 VMC (Chambers Hall)



The storage capacity of magnetic hard drives has been increasing at an exponential rate since its invention nearly 50 years ago. It is becoming increasingly difficult, however, to maintain this increase because of the so-called superparamagnetic limit, in which the size of the magnetic grains become so small as to become thermally unstable. In the MINT Center we have been studying chemically synthesized FePt magnetic nanoparticles as a possible new storage material for greatly increasing the information storage capacity. These nanoparticles have the potential for increasing storage densities by more than a factor of 100 over the best media that are currently available. In this talk I will discuss this research, as well as other cutting edge research on materials for information storage that is being conducted in the MINT Center at The University of Alabama. Additionally, I will give an overview of other research thrusts in the department, including astrophysics, high energy theory, and neutrino research.



Dr. Dr. J. W. Harrell, Jr. is professor of physics at The University of Alabama where he has been since 1979. He served as Chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy from 1991-98. He received his Ph.D. degree in physics from the University of North Carolina in 1969 and was a faculty member at the University of North Dakota from 1969 until 1979. Dr. Harrell's research interests include properties of magnetic recording materials, and he has recently been involved in measuring and modeling thermal effects and magnetic interactions in magnetic recording media. He is a research participant in the Center for Materials for Information Technology (MINT) and is a member of the NSF-Materials Science and Engineering Center team that is studying the magnetic properties and phase transformation of chemically synthesized FePt and related magnetic nanoparticles. Dr. Harrell has a strong interest in physics education and has been instrumental in the implementation and development of the Studio Physics approach to teaching introductory physics at UA.

Refreshments will be served at 12:45 PM

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